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     Please feel free to email me through the form below or email listed. Try sending one long email including everything you want in your tattoo. Give me as much information as you can. Include attachments of any references you like that might aid in my drawing. Let me know the place and size of the tattoo you desire and whether you want it in black/grey or color. My response may not be immediate but be patient with me and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

         I can also be reached at Old Town Tatu 12-6 everyday except for Sundays and Mondays. Stop by for a conlsultation or call the shop if need be 773 442 8288. Any guest spots or conventions I will be attending will be posted on my facebook page.   


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3313 W Irving Park, Chicago, IL  60618

+1 773 442 8288

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